A130523-01Lyrebird Studio offers boutique accommodation in an Australian bushland setting, yet is only 1-1/2 hours from Hornsby or an hour from Newcastle.   If you are planning a quiet getaway, or are a frustrated artist looking for a location to create without interruption,  then this is the place for you! You can rent either just the accommodation (which sleeps 2 adults or 1 couple), or rent the accommodation and add on the studio so you can sleep & work at the same location.  It does wonders for your creativity as an artist to be able to “work till you drop” without the constant interruptions of daily life!

 Peace & quiet are the trademarks of Lyrebird Studio.  .Because of our location, there is no free-to-air or Pay TV, no internet and mobile reception is intermittent at best. So if any of those are your lifeline, then Lyrebird Studio is probably not for you. When you book, you are the only guests on site. We don’t have other cabins or accommodation & apart from the owners (Diana, Peter & their 2 dogs), the entire property is yours! We call it Lyrebird Studio but it is basically a 1 bedroom house, & when you book it is all yours!

 Most afternoons, kangaroos graze in the paddock next to the studio.  Resident bower birds inhabit the garden and in winter, you can’t shut the lyrebirds up! Their secretive nature is offset by their loud and constant call, which awakens you in the morning and follows you around all day. Winter is mating time for ‘lyrebird magic’, so book a getaway and snuggle up next to the potbelly stove, and take in the bush music!


 Lyrebird Studio started life as a tin “humpy” in the Australian bush. A family of 4 were raised in its corrugated iron-clad tree pole frame. Hot water was from a fuel stove in the freezing winter or boiling summer! How the family managed to keep wildlife out with gaps under the door 50mm high is still a mystery!?

 A 300-year-old Rusty Fig tree is only meters from the studio – a great backdrop for a contemplative read or just to wonder. Gazing into the branches, traffic jams are just a distant memory and work on Monday morning – well, who could be bothered???  There are many ‘plein air’ locations around the property if you enjoy working outside.  The studio is heated/air-conditioned if you prefer to work inside.